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Sample Code
// query the version control repository for items matching a file specification
// set the folder for the root of your search
String rootFolder = "$/MyProject";
// construct the set of item specifications you want to search for
ItemSpec[] itemSpecs = new ItemSpec[] { 
    new ItemSpec(String.Format("{0}/*.sln", rootFolder), RecursionType.Full),
// make the call to retrieve the matching items
ItemSet[] itemSets = versionControl.GetItems(itemSpecs, 
    VersionSpec.Latest, DeletedState.NonDeleted, ItemType.File, GetItemsOptions.Unsorted);
foreach (ItemSet itemSet in itemSets)
    // cast the Items property to an IEnumerable so we can run a linq query on it
    IEnumerable<Item> items = (IEnumerable<Item>)itemSet.Items;
    // let's sort the results by check-in date
    var sortedItems = from item in items 
                      orderby item.CheckinDate descending 
                      select item;
    foreach (Item item in sortedItems)
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