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This sample illustrates the use of a variety of basic TFS version control classes and methods including:
  • How to get a reference to a Team Foundation Server
  • How to listen to version control events
  • How to create, map, and delete a workspace
  • How to get, add, delete, check in/out and branch files


Building and running the sample

To build and execute the sample, press F5 after the sample is loaded
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rajsingh216 wrote  Jul 5 2011 at 7:22 PM  
VersionControlSamples is great. This is what I was looking for. We are starting to work on TFS 2010 from Friday. I was looking for a example where I can listen to version control events. This one is perfect. But I am not sure how do I plug this code into TFS so that when a user is checking in I can customize the check in event. Actually I need to create a text file when a user is checking in a file so that we can have a list of file that the user has checked in for an item. If you can please help me with this I would really appreciate it. There has to be a way where I can deploy this dll so that when user checks in a file my dll events gets fired. I hope I have explained what I need but if you need more information please let me know on
Thanks in advance

rajsingh216 wrote  Jul 13 2011 at 3:32 PM  
I am still waiting for someone to reply for my query, which I posted on 5th July. I have even written a Windows Service depending upon this code where I have written CommitCheckin event and I am hoping when someone checks-in in TFS my CommitCheckin will fire but nothing happening its really frustrating. I would really appreciate if someone help me with this.

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