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Individuals, whether in the context of citizens or consumers, are online 24x7x365 and they want to engage with organizations from whatever device they may be using at that moment, be it a laptop, tablet, phone, etc. For organizations, there is an opportunity to engage with these individuals and gain valuable insights, but this often must be done within the constraints of existing budgets.

TownHall provides a cloud-hosted solution in a low-cost, low-friction fashion. TownHall, with its multitude of existing and planned clients, allows organizations to engage individuals on whatever device they may be using at a given moment.

TownHall also delivers valuable insight. Recognizing the value of collecting data at the level of the individual, TownHall is delivered with a reputation system that incents users to create profiles. Every engagement an individual has with the site results in the collection of data that is associated with a profile and which can be used for analytics. To drive continued engagement within the community, TownHall’s reputation system awards points and badges for every contribution to the community (asking questions, answering questions, or voting). In our first beta customer, NASA, we’ve seen this reputation system prove itself to be very effective, with some individuals earning just under 2 million points in just under 6 months.

With TownHall, you own the data and we’ve made it very easy to access it. The data collected in TownHall is stored in Microsoft’s SQL Azure, which provides you the opportunity to retrieve and/or interact with data into a number of existing and familiar tools like Microsoft Excel.

This project contains the source code for the core API and the web client. This provides an organization and/or partners with the ability to make customize or extend TownHall.
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Some production sites running TownHall include -

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