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The Twitter Tracker (Twacker) demo shows how easy it is to create a simple application that retrieves RESTful data, storing tweets in a local Access 2007 database so that users can select individual tweets to upload to SQL Server 2008 for possible inclusion into a larger BI application or data warehouse. The assumption is that tweets would be culled by individual users to eliminate meaningless, or noise, tweets. Using an Access database to store tweets allows users to work offline when they are not directly connected to SQL Server, uploading tweets in batches when they are. The second part of the demo handles the case where the SQL Server database is locked down, allowing data modifications only through stored procedures. This is achieved by using SQL Server 2008 table-valued parameters (TVPs) to pass multiple rows to a stored procedure from an Access pass-through query. The file contains the readme, a script to create the SQL Server 2008 objects, and the Twacker.accdb database that serves as a front-end to SQL Server. Code also demonstrates DSN-less connection strings, linking DAO TableDef objects, and working with pass-through queries (QueryDefs).

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