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A macro for Visual Studio, that decorates strings in C/C++ source code, to make them Unicode-aware, using _T() or TEXT() decoration.

This is a macro for Visual Studio, that allows decorating C/C++ string literals in source code, to make string literals Unicode-aware.
It is possible to decorate using _T() or TEXT().

See comments in the beginning of the source code for more details on macro usage.

(This macro also supports Undo.)

I developed this macro using Visual Studio 2008, but I think it should work also with previous versions of Visual Studio IDE (like Visual Studio 2005).

Suppose that you are in source code, and you have just finished typing a string literal:


if you assign that macro to a short-cut key (e.g. CTRL+<something>), if you type that short-cut key on the keyboard, the string gets decorated, e.g.


Giovanni Dicanio
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