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Welcome to the home of the WPF Shell Integration Library!
This is a set of utilities to help WPF applications take greater advantage of the Windows shell than is currently provided in the framework. The current v2 release has APIs for working with the Windows 7 taskbar and for creating custom window chrome.

The Windows 7 Taskbar features include:
  • Jump Lists - A list of documents or tasks that can be accessed from your application's taskbar item. View a video demonstration of the feature on the Windows 7 Features page.
  • Thumbnail Buttons - Buttons that are shown beneath the application's thumbnail preview when the mouse is over the taskbar item. These buttons give users access to common tasks without requiring them to switch to the application window.
  • Progress Bars - A progress indicator shown in the taskbar item to communicate the progress of a task. Four progress states, distinguishable by color or behavior, are available: indeterminate, normal, error, and paused.
  • Icon Overlays - A custom image shown in the taskbar item to communicate a notification or application state. The overlay is positioned over the bottom-right corner of the application icon in the taskbar button.

(These features are also available in the .NET Framework 4. Documentation of the taskbar integration APIs included in the .Net Framework 4 can be found in the MSDN Library)

The custom chrome feature allows applications control over the outer frame of the window so that WPF content can be drawn over the title bar. This allows applications to integrate with Aero glass to emulate the Office 2007/2010 look and feel, or to completely replace the frame with its own content without having to manage all the system behaviors that get lost when using WindowStyle.None. This library is an implementation of techniques described on the WPF SDK blog, and is similar to what Visual Studio used for the 2010 release (check out the "custom window chrome" section of

  • TaskbarItemInfo is implemented as an attached property on the TaskbarItemInfo class, and is attached to an instance of a Window. In .NET 4 the TaskbarItemInfo is a property directly on Window.
  • A TaskbarItemInfo instance has a strong affinity to a single window and cannot be shared.
  • Features are in the Microsoft.Windows.Shell namespace, and in the xmlns. In .NET 4 the taskbar integration APIs are within the System.Windows.Shell namespace and the standard WPF xmlns.

A sample project using the library's functionality is provided as a reference with the source download for this release. Additional developer resources and information on the Windows 7 Taskbar features can be found in the Windows Developer Center. All feedback is welcome!
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