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Thee Lookup fields fildered using CAML 

Apr 6 2011 at 2:05 PM
I need to develop a custom field to retrieve the data from the another list by the conditional.

I have a Lists called Projects and Projects Risk

"Projects" having the below fields
1. Project ID
2. Project Name
3. Location
5. LOB
6. Project Manager

The Second List having the fields

1. Location ( I need this field from the Projects field)
2. LOB ( I need this field from the Projects Field)
3. Project Name ( This is choice field, This field should be populated only the users projects by conditional using CAML)
4. Project ID ( This is the textbox or lable should be Readonly and populate the Project ID of the above selected)

5. Risk
- Normal
- High
- Low

I have few more fields which I can easily here.. Please help me how to achieve the above functionality..

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