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Networking samples for .NET

The official networking code technology samples for .NET v4.0
This page contains samples for networking technologies in the System.Net namespace for .NET v4.0.

Networking samples download link

Please click here or click on the "Downloads" tab to download the networking technology samples for .NET 4.0.
To download samples from previous versions of .NET please go to

Networking technology samples

ASPX Hosting
Shows how to display the progress of a file download. Download

Download Progress Indicator
Shows how to display the progress of a file download. Download

FTP Client
Shows how to upload and download files to and from an FTP server. Download

Shows how to process HTTP requests from within an application. Download

Shows how to send email messages from a client application. Download

NetStat Tool
Demonstrates the NCLNetStat network information tool. Download

Network Information
Shows how to monitor and display network information. Download

Ping Client
Demonstrates a client application that can ping a remote host. Download

Demonstrates how to perform common operations, such as the upload or download of files or data. Download

Secure Streams
Shows how to use a secure stream to communicate between a client and a server. Download

IPv6 Sockets
Demonstrates how to use sockets when IPv6 is enabled. Download

FTP Explorer
Demonstrates how to list the contents of an FTP server. Download

Socket Performance
Shows how to use enhancements in the Socket class to build a server application that uses asynchronous network I/O to achieve the highest performance. Download

Shows how to use the new classes in the System.Net.PeerToPeer namespace to register and publish a peer name and then resolve a peer name. Download
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