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Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Application Quality Cookbook: A Developer’s Guide to Application Compatibility, Reliability, and Performance

Available in either .docx or .xps format

For further information about Windows 7 availability, testing, and release, see, which the Windows product marketing team owns and keeps up to date as release information is available. Also, the Windows Vista blog has been updated to reflect the inclusion of Windows 7. This blog is now known as the Windows Blog ( Finally, you can find a great feal of helpful information on the Windows Client Developer Center on MSDN (

This document familiarizes Application Developers with how to verify the compatibility of their applications with the new operating system and provides an overview of the few known application compatibility issues in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. It also points out differences in performance, reliability, and usability, and provides links to detailed white papers and other developer guidance.

Version History
• Incorporates IE 6 to IE8 Migration notes

• New topic in the General Compatibility section: Using .NET Framework 4 with Applications Built on Earlier Versions
• Removed an incorrect reference in topic: Internet Explorer 8 – Data Execution Protection

• Added Dynamic Memory topic to the New Features and Enhancements section
• Added Enable Windows 7 for Intel AVX to the New Features and Enhancements section

• Removed a link to a discontinued site from the Windows Server 2008 R2 Logo Program for Software topic.
• Updated the Application Manifest topic with information about a known issue (context mismatch) and provided a link to the site from which a patch can be downloaded.

• Updated version number to 1.6
• Added File Replication Service (FRS) Is Deprecated in Windows Server 2008 R2 topic to the Windows Server 2008 R2 Compatibility section

Cosmetic changes
• Added a few words to the Introduction/Overview that identifies the three major sections with links to them
• Converted the list of topics in each topic category intro page to hyperlinks
• Corrected the spelling of .NET from .Net where it occurred

  • File Library Replaces Document Folder: Added links in Links to Other Resources section
  • Application Manifest: Added explanation for the benefit of including both platforms in the supportedOS ID line
  • Removed dynamic memory from the Server Hyper-V topic
  • Added Best Practices for On/Off Performance topic to the Tools, Best Practices, and Guidance section
  • Corrected code example in the Application Manifest topic
  • Changed name of document and CodeGallery page. URL for this site remains the same.
  • Added the following topics:
    • Additional Windows Resource Protection on Registry Keys
    • Removal of Microsoft Agent
    • AppInit_DLLs in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Fault Tolerant Heap
    • Compatibility Administrator
    • Standard User Analyzer (SUA) Tool and Standard User Analyzer Wizard (SUA Wizard)
    • Preventing Memory Leaks in Windows Applications
    • Preventing Hangs in Windows Applications
  • Updated Topics
    • Operating System Versioning
    • Removal of Windows Mail
    • Internet Explorer 8 – User Agent String
    • Removal of Windows Registry Reflection
    • Internet Explorer 8 – Data Execution Protection/NX
    • User Interface – User Account Control Dialog Updates
    • Application Manifest
    • Remote Desktop Services
    • Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.5
    • Windows Troubleshooting
    • Windows Error Reporting Problem Steps Recorder
    • Windows 7 Client Software Logo Program and Windows Server 2008 R2 Logo Program for Software (updated and split this previously single topic into separate .client- and server-centric versions)
  • Removed Topics
    • Reliability Analysis Component
    • Network Hang Recovery
  • Updated Server Core with new topics
  • Added Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
  • Updated
    • Application Manifest
    • User Interface - High DPI Awareness
    • Application Verifier
    • WoW64 Is Now an Optional Feature for Server Core
    • ChooseFont() Win32 Common Dialog
  • Removal of Windows Movie Maker
  • Removal of Windows Registry Reflection
  • Removal of UDDI Services from Server OS
  • NLS Sorting Changes
  • Server Hyper-V (New Features and Enhancements)
  • MSMQ - Improved Queue Handling (New Features and Enhancements)
  • Minor edits

  • IP Virtualization section updated to include both per-application and per-session IP virtualization.
  • Three additional topics:
    • ChooseFont() Win32 Common Dialog
    • Energy Efficiency Best Practices
    • Performance Improvement – Minimizing Unresponsive Services
--v0.9 - Orignal publication
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