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Application fails to run... 

Feb 2 2010 at 10:24 PM

Thanks for providing these samples. I have successfully built and linked the DirectODBC project. I have the Northwind file in C:/
It runs on my development machine. This is good but not enough since the goal is to be able to run on our customer's computers.

Sadly, when I try to run on a test machine which is pretty bare bones, e.g. no VS 2008 installed, it does not connect. The error message is : Couldn't connect to C:\Northwind 2007.accdb.
Can you tell me why? I suspect some files coming from Visual Studio must bridging the gap.

I am trying to put some configuration data in a table in an .mdb file. If this is a complicated installation then I will opt for another approach which is too bad since this would be very cool stuff.

Thank you!

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