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Entity Framework Toolkits & Extensions

Source code libraries and design time tools that extend the reach and augment the development experience of the Entity Framework.

EF Extensions Updated!
The EFExtensions library simplifies various tasks in the Entity Framework including store command execution, entity state management and stored procedure mapping.
The updated version for .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta include:
  • A strict version of the default materializer which requires a column for every member of an EDM structural type.
  • Shaper delegate optimizations.

eSqlBlast (Entity SQL Tools and Samples Page)
eSqlBlast aids authoring, executing, and visualizing ad-hoc Entity SQL queries against arbitrary EDM models. The tools of the eSqlBlast suite may be used interactively, from the command line, or embedded in other programs. The eSqlBlast suite also contains XSL transformation scripts for rendering CSDL and its own raw XML format.

Perseus: Entity Framework EntityBag
Perseus is a small project designed to explore ways for exchanging graphs of Entity Framework entities over WCF web services.

Entity Framework Lazy Loading New!
This sample shows how to use code generation to add support for transparent lazy loading to Entity Framework. It includes code generator (EFLazyClassGen), supporting library (Microsoft.Data.EFLazyLoading) and sample test applications.

Entity Framework Samples

Sample source code and projects showing how specific tasks can be completed using the Entity Framework.

Entity Framework Query Samples Updated!
The Entity Framework Query Samples is a small Windows Forms program that contains several basic Entity SQL and LINQ to Entities queries against that NorthwindEF Entity Data Model (based on a modified version of Northwind).
Its goal is to help you learn the features of the two query languages supported by EF, visualize how results look like, and also give you some understanding of what the translated query is for each case.

Sample EDMX Code Generator
The goal of the Sample EDMX Code Generator is to provide you with enough insight into how the ADO.NET Entity Designer generates code in Visual Studio and hopefully give you a head start with some sample source code.

A simple drawing editor that allows you to create elementary geometric shapes--lines and circles--and model them as entities using either the Entity Framework or LINQ to SQL. Think of it as a 'Notepad for Shapes'--you can create, read, and delete shapes, and use the built-in spatial index to search for entities by attribute value. A command-line argument allows you to switch between the Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL runtime for the model.

Entity Framework Learning Tools

Tools that help you in learning Entity Framework concepts.

EF Mapping Helper New!
Entity Framework mapping helper lets you create sample mapping files for the set of scenarios you are interested in. It’s a great tool for a deeper understanding for how schema files are defined for complex mapping scenarios in Entity Framework.
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