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Agent is the a console application which could subscribe / unsubscribe the Controller Service, and be called by the Controller to execute specific jobs.

Finally v is here for your downloading, and it has a new name "Agent Slash" or "Agent /"
The tool is been built by the VB9 Express Edition, download the package (including both source and binary) then unzip it, have fun!

There are two quite useful functions to help ya invoke the command line cmd.exe or PowerShell scripts called
  • InvokeCmd <= It works.
  • InvokePS <= It works.
  • InvokePerl <= I'm not gonna build it b/c ya can use InvokeCmd to invoke perl.exe
  • InvokePython <= I'm not gonna buidl it b/c ya can use InvokeCmd to invoke python.exe

Here is a sample of running THREE agents on one box for testing. Much beautiful now but disclosing less information.

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Z wrote  Sep 6 2008 at 10:10 AM  
InvokePerl, and InvokePython should be similar to InvokeCmd

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