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100% free Officelive template
Officelive templates Design would like to wish you all officelive templates!

We would like to give you this theme for FREE to say thanks for the great year!

To use this theme on your site do the following:

1 Upload all the images in file .rar up in folder Documents on Officelive
2 Change path logo in file theme (.txt) to your logo.
3 Activate the advanced Design Featured: Site Actions > Activate Advanced Design Features
4 Upload all of the images in the zip file above to your websites Document Gallery
5 Navigate to Site Designer > Click on Theme > Choose General (No Photos)
6 Then Click on Style > Choose 4th one down (Little Boxes on left)
7 Then Click on Style Sheet > Check off "Apply custom CSS code to my Web site."
8 Then select the default text and paste in all the code into the box and click on "OK" <-- demo Ocean theme download
oceantheme.gif <--demo Wedding theme download
weddingtheme.gif <--demo Wave theme download
wavetheme.gif <--demo Vista theme download
vistatheme.gif download
sunsettheme.gif <--demo Black Theme download
blacktheme.gif <--demo Roundtheme download

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theme wordpress:

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