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Install dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe in complete silent mode 

Jun 8 2011 at 2:07 PM
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I have successfully created the custom bootstrap package with the dotNetFx40Fullx86x64.exe file included in the package and am able to get it to run upon execution of setup.exe. My problem is that I am getting multiple dialog boxes during the installation of the .net framework. First there is a dialog box created from the bootstrap asking me if it's ok to run the installation for my custom Bootstrap package. Then once I confirm I get the security warning dialog for the .Net Framework installation itself. I have tried /q as specified in in the Arguments field for the dotNetFx40Fullx86_x64.exe in the Properties tab and have tried several other combinations like /qn /passive and /q /passive but no matter what I always get these dialog boxes. I have confirmed that the folders and files in my bin/release folder for my setup project are updated each time I compile. And yes I always compile the package in the bootstrap generator tool before compiling my setup project.

The one thing that I find awfully strange is that the Generator creates the <Commands> Node in the Package.xml when the default DotNetFX40 package has it in the Product.xml. What am I doing wrong?

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