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Crystal Report Basic for VS2008 64 bit installs again and again from Setup.exe 

May 17 2012 at 10:24 AM
Hi to all,

We are using Crystal reports in our windows application in .net 3.5 application using VS2008 Professional Edition.

Also created Setup.exe with having prerequisite to install both 32bit and 64 bit Crystal Report Basic VS2008 on 64 bit machine.

After making the 32 bit installer when we are executing the setup for the first time, it is working fine on 64 bit as asking user to install crystal report for x86 and x64 installation.

But after successful installation when we again executes the set up, its again prompting to install crystal report run time though crystal report VS2008 for x86 and x64 are already installed.

The above scenario is working fine for 32 bit machine.

Can any one suggest what condition needs to be added in the product.xml (Boots trapper) to bypass the install process if already installed.

Thank you so much for reading my question. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Waiting for reply..



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