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This data generator is an extension for Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR. It can be used as part of that product to insert random data into SQL Server sparse columns through an xml column set column.

  • To install the data generator, run the .msi file on the Downloads tab

Using the generator
  • Create a SQL Server 2008 Database Project in Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR
  • Import a database schema that includes a column set column, or create a table in the database project that includes a sparse column and a column set column
  • Create a data generation plan and select the Column Set generator from the list of generators offered for the column set column
  • With the column set column selected, configure which sparse columns to generate values for by modifying the "Sparse Columns" input in the property browser
  • Start data generation

There are some known issues with this generator. For example if you add or remove sparse columns from a table, rename a sparse column, or change the data type of a sparse column, the Column Set generator will not pick up the changes. You will need to refresh the data generation plan, select a different generator for the column set column, then reselect the Column Set generator to get the updated sparse columns. Alternatively, you can create a new data generation plan after changing the table schema.
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