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Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Are you facing problems in registering plug-ins? Are you wondering if you could get a tool to generate the Xml and deploy plug-ins via Import / Export just like the way customizations are deployed? Are you confused with the various tools that shipped with SDK and how to use the registration API? If the answer is yes, then it is worth downlaoding the released project.

Do you need sample plugins then it is a good source for them

PluginRegistration tool is enhanced version of the tool that is published with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK. Look at the Downloads tab to get more information on the feature set.

Walkthrough, ReadMe are included in the zip file

Sample Plugins are available for download from

  • Developer Scenario: An ISV creates a plug-in and registers it on Contact Create as PreCallout (Aka BeforeMainOperation Plug-in). He can then debug the plug-in by registering on Disk. Once the errors are fixed, he can then update the pluginassembly to be uploaded to the database.
  • Deployment Scenario: An ISV builds few plug-ins and registers on multiples steps. Images are registered on few of them. He tests them in the Dev environment but would like to port the registrations to a different organization. PluginRegistration tool supports Export and Import of the solution xml to solve this scenario.
  • Admin Console: Couple of ISV installs their plug-ins on a Customer Organization. Admin at the Customer side saw some problems with “Contact Create” action. He would like to know what plug-in are fired and what the pipeline is for the “Contact – Create”. He then finds the trouble causing plug-in and disables it. So it is all about troubleshooting. PluginRegistration tool solves this problem by allowing Enable/Disable/Unregister operations on steps, plug-in.

Complete feature-set of the tool

  1. Register a pluginassembly, step and image. Validates the data before sending to CRM
  2. Update pluginassembly, step and image
  3. Unregister a pluginassembly shall cascade unregister all the children
  4. Enable, Disable a step
  5. Auto retrieve all CustomEntities information from the organization when registering the step
  6. Allows setting more values on step (e.g.: configuration, secureconfiguration, filteringattributes, etc.)
  7. Auto retrieve CustomAttributes on entity when registering images
  8. Search the pluginassembly, type, steps, images by names
  9. Visualize the status of the CRM Organization multiple views
    1. View by Assembly : What steps are registered on what plug-in
    2. View by Entity : What steps are registered on an entity(e.g.: contact)
    3. View by Message : What steps are registered on a message (e.g.: create)
  10. Shows the list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 callouts registered in the organization
  11. Work with multiple organizations at the same time
  12. Exports the Xml in the same format that can be accepted by PluginDeveloper tool

Works with https:// or SSL based Installs. (SDK calls)
- I Accept all Server Certificates. If you need to change the code look in the CrmConnection.myCertificateValidation implementation
Shows the Endpoints returned by the Discovery service before making call to CrmService SDK
- This allows you to change the endpoint from the client if Discovery service information is not correct for registering plugins. This usually is needed for IFD or for troubleshooting purposes
Images for Parent and Subordinate entitities for Merge request
- Now you can register an Image for Subordinate entity also for Merge request. You shall get a pop-up that asks if you need to register for Subordinate or parent

  1. Works on IFD only if logged on the Deployment server using AD auth
  2. Import Solution honors ImageType in the xml
  3. Works with Visual Studio 2008
  4. Restricts registering PreImage for PreCreate
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ajithg wrote  Feb 28 2008 at 4:40 AM  
!! Look in the releases Tab and Discussions Tab for FAQ

ajithg wrote  Aug 19 2008 at 8:15 PM  
Click Downloads Tab to look at the source code. Sorry, I cannot give you a Binary as you would not trust my exe. You can build it easily with Visual studio.

Princesunny wrote  Oct 5 2009 at 12:11 PM  
Hi Ajith,

I'm encountering an issue while registering the plugin. The error says -
"No plugins have been selected from the list. Please select at least one and try again". I have already selected the plugin which is the DLL file but still the error is occurring. How to resolve this?

I guess I have to implement the interface Iplugin..... What is the proceduer for that? Pls advice


mrBigBlue wrote  Oct 22 2010 at 1:29 PM  
Is there way to execute the Plugin registration tool via the command line to register a plugin?

Thank you

umama wrote  Nov 12 2010 at 6:03 PM  
Princesunny /mrBigBlue,

Please post your questions and comments in the "Discussions" section. This section is meant to provide important updates to the viewers.


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