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Plugin Samples Version 1.0

  • LogContextToCRM plug-in logs all the Context to new_plugincontext entity
  • AmIExecutingOffline plug-in displays a popup showing if plug-in is running in Offline or on the Server
  • RetrieveEntityId retrieves the EntityId from the InputParameters property bag
  • RetrieveIncidentIdOnCloseIncident gets the IncidentId from the InputParameters property bag
  • PluginHelper.cs has all the libraries to help write plugins easier
- Ajith Gande

Simple conflict resolution for requests played back by an offline client

  • A plugin now knows if a request is coming from an offline queue playback and the timestamp of when it was added to the offline queue. The sample plugin uses the timestamp to determine if there is a conflict i.e. the record has been changed on the server after that time and if so, rejects the request from the offline queueā€¯.
- Navin Thadani


Source Code OfflinePlaybackConflictResolution.zip
source code, 70K, uploaded Mar 1 2008  - 2060 downloads
Source Code Sample Plugins .zip
source code, 19K, uploaded Mar 7 2008  - 10250 downloads
Documentation Read Me for Sample Plugins
documentation, 32K, uploaded Mar 7 2008  - 4036 downloads

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