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Discussions for Plugin development and samples for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
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Feb 25 2011
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First post: CapriS wrote: Hi , I had deployed a Plugin successfully using the Plugin registration tool version 2.1 on my production server earlier. Now when I logged on the server to update the assembly dll , I a...
Latest post: asoto wrote: Hey did you find a solution for that?? Im facing the same problem... Thanks in advance...
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Latest post:
Oct 20 2010
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First post: carlsbadsgp wrote: Hello, I was curious if anyone had an example of a plugin that fired on the "Merge" message for a Contact. The xml for the register.xml file would also be very helpful. Thanks!
Latest post: Parva wrote: Here is an example of Merging 2 accounts. Merging contacts should be similar. The Registration XML for Merge step will look something as follows. <- <Step PluginTypeName="MyPluginDLL....
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Jun 22 2009
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First post: ssmitake wrote: Hi, How can I call Plugin after attaching a file to case without saving that case? When I attach a file to case, I want to call a plugin that will update the fields in table for that cas...
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