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Anagram Program

The DAWG is used in my anagram program. See my article

Big Update

The DawgKit program was cleaned up substantially and is in better shape. Not a lot of real algorithm changes. The code is better
and more factored. It uses more interfaces and some of the supporting code is much better.


I have written code in C# that implements the Directed Acyclic Word Graph algorithm and data structure. This sort of data structure is used to design word games such as Scrabble or anagrams and also has usage in scientific pursuits in biology and genetics.

This code page is meant to serve as an outpost for this code. I have a complete implementation in C#. The DAWG algorithms have a dramatic performance advantage over hash tables, sometimes occupying 25% of the memory and also having faster performance. I think these source files can find utility in a broader range of projects, such as a spell-checker, or other string analysis or pattern matching tools.


Important Resources

Implementation details can be found at My website is at and I will be optimizing/enhancing this software in a series. Additional sources are available at Google Code
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Big update to page.

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Finally, made the page decent. This is #1 home of this software now. I also store the 7z on Google Code, but this is the home.

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Jourbon wrote  Jan 26 2012 at 3:22 PM  

Thanks, I've used your DAWG implementation for a multiplayer word game (

I needed to rebuild the original list of words from a DAWG tree downloaded by the client, here is the code :

In SharpDawg.cs :

private Dictionary<char, int> _translator;
private List<string> dico;
private StringBuilder Word;

public SharpDawg(DawgMetadata metadataIn, int DawgLines)
_translator = metadataIn.Translator;
// and so on............

public List<string> GenDic()
dico = new List<string>();
Word = new StringBuilder();
return dico;

private void GenDicNode(int Line)
int super = _supers[Line];
if ((super & _fullWordBit) != 0) dico.Add(Word.ToString());
for (int i = 0; i < _fullWordBit; i++)
if ((super & (1 << i)) != 0)
Word.Append (_translator.ElementAt(i).Key);
GenDicNode(_nodes[Line][FastBitcount(super & _bitmasks[i]) - 1]);
if (Word.Length > 0) Word.Remove(Word.Length - 1, 1);

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