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Brief Description

This site contains VS2008 sample code from the Devdiv International Academia CPE team projects.

Overview of Academic Samples

The Developer Division International CPE team has reached out to engage communities in the Academia space around the globe. In cooperation with Microsoft’s local offices, it has forged partnerships with local universities and Microsoft Student Partners to develop sample applications and Visual Studio add-ons, with the goal of helping students learn the newest Microsoft technologies. These student-developed add-ons/samples showcase Visual Studio 2008’s newest features as well as other technologies such as Silverlight. They also help Microsoft meet customer demands both for more samples, or and for samples specific to regional markets.

The first of several scheduled add-ons/samples have been completed, and are described below. Further information (including localized descriptions) and a download is available by clicking on the sample links below, and then navigating to the Releases tab on the respective page. More samples will be available in the coming months.

If you are interested in reviewing these applications and providing feedback to the students during the development phase, please contact the VS Samples with Academia Project Team. We currently have active projects in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan and China.

Sample Descriptions

Visual LINQ Query Builder: The Visual LINQ Query Builder has comparable functionality to the Visual Studio SQL Query Builder (entities selection, properties selection, relationships recognition and so forth) and helps you visually build LINQ to SQL queries. Visual LINQ Query Builder Page

VS 2008 Chinese Sample: Chinese Lunar Calendar: This sample application provides users running Simplified Chinese Windows XP with Chinese Lunar Calendar information in a transparent window on the desktop. Please note: those running other language versions of XP will only see a Western Calendar. Chinese Lunar Calendar Page

VS 2008 Chinese Sample: Chinese Lunar Calendar: The User Validation sample is typical of a web application for validating users in a web portal. This particular sample validates the user’s Chinese Identification Number. Chinese User Validation Sample Page
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