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Custom field control that populates the fields of a contact creation form for a contact that is associated with an account workspace.

Creating Contacts from an Account Workspace

In SAP systems, an account can be associated with multiple sales contacts. In most cases, each contact that you create will share information with the associated account. This code example demonstrates how to create a custom control that populates a contact creation form with the information from the associated account.

Building and Running the Sample

The following steps demonstrate how to test this project on your development or test site.

To build the sample

  1. Create a folder and then unzip the file in it.
  2. Start Visual Studio 2010, and then open the PopulateAccountField.sln files that is in the folder that you created in step 1.
  3. In the Properties window, specify the site URL value of the absolute address of your development or test site (for example, http://mysite/). Ensure that you include the closing forward slash.
  4. On the Build menu, select Deploy Solution. After the build is complete the custom control is installed on your development or test site.

To run the sample

After the solution is built and deployed, go to a workspace account and create a contact. The account name should be populated on the contact creation form.
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