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Welcome to Fabrikam Jets!

This example shows how AppFabric Access Control (AC) can be used to provide identity federation, trust delegation, service authorization and integration with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), to control access to services based on Windows Azure.

In the example, Fabrikam Jets uses the Dallas Portal, AC and ADFS to grant employees of Contoso Marketing access to Microsoft Codename "Dallas" at Fabrikam's expense, using Windows authentication, without exposing Fabrikam's Dallas account keys. It also shows how Fabrikam can revoke the privilege later.

Note: The example has been updated to work with the V1 version of AppFabric Access Control. There were two changes from the CTP version to V1 that made an update necessary: 1) V1 uses version 0.9 of the WRAP protocol, instead of version 0.8, and 2) the issuer name generated by V1 is the base URI of the STS endpoint for the service namespace, instead of the full URI.


Watch the screen cast for an introduction to the example.

Note: The screen cast has not yet been updated, and still shows the user providing the full URI of the STS endpoint as the key description, rather than the base URI. In all other respects, however, it remains accurate.


The following documents explain how the example works, what it includes and how to run it:


To run the example, you must have the following prerequisites installed on your machine:
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