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Huo Chess 0.721


Huo Chess version 0.721

HOW TO PLAY: In order to play, just enter the coordinates of the starting and the ending square of your move - by following the directions of the program.

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE: Huo Chess version 0.721 is significantly small in size (56.5 KB), has deep thinking capability (up to 8 moves: 4 half-moves for the white and 4 half-moves for the black pieces) and plays decent chess (better than version Huo Chess 0.6). The program has an opening book capability, which means that anyone can optimize the program by adding his/her own opening moves data in the respective folder Huo Chess Opening Book (which should be in the same directory with the executable). Moreover, you can also optimize the way Huo Chess thinks by changing the CountScore function and the way the computer values the pieces or the chessboard position.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Huo Chess version 0.721 requires .NET Framework 2.0 or above in order to run. You can download that framework from the Microsoft site for free. In order to change the source code and re-compile, you will need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. You can download the Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition from the Microsoft site for free.

Improvements from previous v0.6 edition:
Added more thinking depth thinking capability, via the ComputerMove4, ComputerMove6 and ComputerMove8 functions. Every one of these functions is used to think at every subsequent "layer" up to the thinking depth of the program. Size: 56.5 KB


Source Code Huo Chess 0.721 (source)
source code, 38K, uploaded Jul 3 2008  - 493 downloads
Runtime Binary Huo Chess 0.721 (executable)
runtime binary, 15K, uploaded Jul 3 2008  - 293 downloads
Documentation Huo Chess 0.721 (opening book)
documentation, 2K, uploaded Jul 3 2008  - 204 downloads

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