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Takes a string of \n separated values and puts a comma before each space for further use in the "IN" clause of a SQL query. There is also an option of enclosing "words" in apostrophes.

I created this little app because I work a lot with data creating different kinds of queries and running reports. Sometimes this utility comes in handy when I need to create a list quickly. There is also an option to copy the result into buffer

How it works:
Every change of text (TextChanged event) triggers the following sequence of events:
  1. split the entry string by \n's (note to self -- change to Environment.NewLine)
  2. if the option to enclose items in apostrophes is checked, then enclose item in apostrophes
  3. append comma and Environment.NewLine
  4. show the result in the right box
  5. check the conversion
    1. match source and result strings character-by-character ignoring everything but the alphanumeric characters. If conversion succeeds, the form window shows "all good". Otherwise, it points out the first occurrence of the error.

yet to add
  1. option to ignore blanks
  2. scroll bars
  3. line numbers
  4. proper resizing
  5. option to add \n at the end of the created line

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