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The ActiveX "killbit" has been in the security news lately, and I've always been mystified by how the 'killbit' works. Then I read an article in one of Microsoft's blogs that went into great detail about the ActiveX "killbit" and how it's actually configured and used ( And even further, Robert McLaws' blog article "IE8 and "Killbits'" ( gave me the incentive to think of this as more than just a propellerhead problem.

Once I had that information in hand, and mostly because I was looking for a new challenge for my growing coding skills, I decided to write a .NET GUI app that would allow me to see which ActiveX controls had been "killbit'ed" (as well as explore all those ActiveX controls that were candidates for the "killbit").

I've left room in the application to be able to enable editing of the killbit (turning it on for additional controls, as well as *potentially* turn it off for already-"killbit'ed" controls), but in its initial form it's just a read-only exploration tool.

If you like it, and would like it to be enhanced in some way, let me know by posting a new Discussion or Issue in the project space. If you'd like more details on how it was constructed, ask away and I'll post explanations as answers (and as a way to document it as well).

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