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What is Management OData IIS Extension?
Management OData IIS Extension is a piece of infrastructure to create an ASP.NET web service OData endpoint
An endpoint built on top of Management OData IIS extension, allows teams to expose access to management capabilities, currently realized through Powershell cmdlets and scripts. It does that by processing OData requests and converting them into PowerShell cmdlet invocations.

What is OData?
The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a REST-ful Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and free it from silos that exist in applications today.
OData does this by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to information from a variety of applications, services, and stores. See for more information.

OData presents resources as a set of database-like tables with a definite schema. ODATA allows a client to download the schema of a server endpoint as well as making operations on the endpoint’s resources, so that a client can adapt its behavior to the schema of the server. For instance, the Visual Studio client can use the downloaded schema to create helper objects that can be used by a client application, while Excel PowerPivot allows the user to choose the tables and columns to import.

ODATA client SDKs are available for several popular programming environments; see for more details.

Important: Please use WCF Data Services 5.0 libraries to get compatible ODATA client SDK to use against a Management OData endpoint.

Where can I find more information about developing for Management OData Web Services?
There are relevant SDK samples published here:

RoleBasedPlugin -

Note: These samples must be built on a Windows Server developer Preview with the optional feature "Management OData IIS Extension" installed (one can use the included script "Instal...")
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RalucaH wrote  Mar 12 2012 at 7:25 PM  
we've just published a new version of the schema designer tool.
thank you

RalucaH wrote  Jun 20 2012 at 10:48 PM  
New Management OData Schema designer is now available. A completely redesigned experience to create schema files, as well as Deploy a custom Management OData Endpoint!
The downloads include a stand alone tool and a Visual studio plugin.
Please try it out and let us know what you think!
Thank you

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