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MVC and Unit Testing


The following code sample is from my presentation on MVC - Separation of Concerns and Unit Testing.

Presentation Description:
This session will introduce attendees to the new ASP.NET MVC framework while building a real-world application. "Separation of concerns" will be discussed as the Model, View, and Controller concepts will be explained. The MVC framework enables unit testing of the presentation layer which will be emphasized throughout. The presentation will start with an application that follows the traditional post-back model and, over the course of the presentation, convert this application to the MVC framework. This will give attendees a clear "before and after" view that will highlight several aspects of the framework.


Source Code PersonalInfoManager-MVC.zip
source code, 746K, uploaded Mar 17 2009  - 529 downloads
Source Code MVC-UnitTesting.pptx
source code, 240K, uploaded Apr 1 2009  - 405 downloads

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