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C Sharp 4.0 New Language Features


The following code sample is from my presentation: C# 4.0 New Language Features.

Presentation Description:
This presentation will cover the new C# 4.0 language features. This demo-heavy session will begin by covering various dynamic scenarios with C# including the new “dynamic” keyword, simplified Reflection, custom dynamic objects, duck typing, Iron Ruby integration, and more. We will also cover named and optional parameters, new COM Interop enhancements, co-variance, and contra-variance. If you are a C# developer, come learn about the new language tools that you can put in your toolbox!


Documentation C#4.0 Language Features.pptx
documentation, 729K, uploaded Oct 4 2009  - 683 downloads
Source Code CS40Demo.zip
source code, 1168K, uploaded Mar 3 2010  - 563 downloads

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