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Goodbye EF 1, Hello EF 4


The following code sample is from my presentation: Goodbye Entity Framework 1, Hello Entity Framework 4.

Presentation Description:
The 1.0 release of the Entity Framework was not a resounding success – developers found themselves fighting the framework. Thankfully, Entity Framework 4 enables you to work how YOU want to work. Database-first, Model-first, or Code-First – you decide. Self-tracking entities, POCO entities, custom entities – you decide. Auto-generated SQL or stored procedures – you decide. With a slew of new features EF4 will allow you to quickly achieve a high level of productivity. This demo-heavy presentation will cover the new features of Entity Framework 4 with a focus on features that will enhance the quality of your code!


Documentation EntityFramework4.pptx
documentation, 1050K, uploaded Apr 27 2011  - 219 downloads
Source Code EF4Demo.zip
source code, 1461K, uploaded Apr 27 2011  - 190 downloads

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