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MVC 3 and the Web Platform


The following code sample is from my presentation: MVC 3 & the Web Platform: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.

Presentation Description:
As Microsoft continues to crank out new features on their web stack, it is critical to keep up to date on the latest technologies that can benefit your applications. MVC 3 has a slew of new features including the Razor view engine, better Dependency Injection support, streamlined validation, and more. Add to that an extremely powerful package management system: NuGet. This demo-heavy presentation will cover these topics as well as how you can supercharge your development with MVCScaffolding, EF 4, SQL CE, and IIS Express.


Source Code MVC3&WebPlatform.pptx
source code, 954K, uploaded May 5 2011  - 187 downloads
Source Code MvcCalendar.zip
source code, 8103K, uploaded May 5 2011  - 180 downloads

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