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An application that creates a Word 2007 Document detailing the configuration of all customizable Microsoft CRM 4.0 forms, including tabs, sections and details about each field. This document can be used for planning of form customizations or documenting the current state of form customizations.

This solution requires Word 2007 and .NET Framework 3.5.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Form Reporter uses the exported customizations.xml file. You must have a copy of this file to use the Form Reporter. For best results, the exported file should include all entities.

!To use Microsoft CRM 4.0 Form Reporter:
#Download these files:
**Form Reporter
**Installing and Using Form Reporter.docx
#Review the Installing and Using Form Reporter.docx for information about how to get started.

!To examine the solution:
#Download these files:
**Form Reporter
**Form Reporter Solution Description.docx
#Review the Form Reporter Solution Description for basic information about the components of the solution.

!Other Files:
*Download these files:
**Sample Output.docx - this is an example of the output. I have modified the output to include a table of contents.
**customizations.xml - this is a sample of an exported Microsoft CRM 4.0 customizations file used to create Sample Output.docx.
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