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While Silverlight 4 supports accessing COM automation components from elevated trust OOB applications, many Windows platform features are currently not available through COM automation. This makes them inaccessible to such Silverlight OOB apps. Native Extensions for Microsoft Silverlight(NESL) is an effort to incrementally build a library of components that expose select Windows 7 features through COM automation, making them easily available to Silverlight 4 OOB applications running with elevated trust. The current version of NESL provides access to Windows 7 features like Sensors, Portable Devices, Speech, Taskbar and more. NESL is made up of a set of COM automation based runtime libraries, Silverlight wrapper libraries usable from Silverlight 4 OOB applications, sample applications with source, API documentation, and a developer's guide.

What APIs are covered in NESL v1 ?

  • Windows Sensor API
    • Integrate sensors in you Silverlight app – Accelerometers, Light sensors, compasses, gyroscopes etc.
  • Microsoft Speech API
    • Text to Speech (Speech Synthesis)
    • Speech to Text (Speech Recognition)
  • Windows Portable Devices API
    • Enumerate and access content from connected portable devices (cameras, phones, music players, scanners etc.)
  • Windows 7 Taskbar Integration
    • Jump lists, overlay icons, overlay progress display, Thumbnail toolbars etc.
  • Webcam Local Encoding and Window Capture
    • Encode webcam capture into mp4 (H.264/AAC-LC) media
    • Capture user interface interaction as video
  • Window Message Interception
    • Intercept and act on Window messages sent to the Silverlight OOB host window

Sample Applications - Illustrate API usage

  • Video Travel Journal - Capture webcam audio/video locally as an MP4 file.
    • Video - H.264 baseline profile, Audio - AAC-LC
    • Overlay with Bing map locations, titling, tickers, pen annotations, and images from a connected camera or USB storage.
    • Upload to Facebook
    • Windows 7 Taskbar Integrated

  • Where's Teddy - An animated children's book
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