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Cross Technology Samples

This section contains articles, samples and presentations that combine WCF, WF and other technologies.

.NET poster
This poster outlines all of the new namespaces within the .NET Framework 3.5

The term “Conversations” refers to the act of communicating with multiple parties and expecting a reply of the same operation and contract while being able to distinguish between each of the replies and correlate it with its respective owner. This demo shows how to accomplish this in WF and WCF in .NET 3.5 using Workflow Services.

Fabrikam demo and labs
This Fabrikam sample demonstrates a scenario-based application that utilizes the .NET Framework 3.0 technologies including Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation. The application consists of a smart client application and a set of services that provide the processing logic and business rules. In this scenario, Fabrikam is a web hosting provider that provides server web site, mail, and database hosting services. You can take the perspective of an account manager that needs to create a custom quote for hosting services. After creating the quote it will be routed to various people for review and approval.

NET Framework 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit
The .NET Framework 3.5 training kit for WF, WCF, and CardSpace includes a set of hands-on-labs, demos, and presentations. The content was originally designed as part of the Windows Server Ascend training and has been used several times for training classes. Consequently, the content is organized into a four day agenda. You can also browse this content by technology.
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