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My very first Visual Basic web application.

This guestbook will allow users to view and post comments on your website. An admin backend is also included which will give you direct control over what comments are displayed.

See the Readme.txt file for installation instructions and other useful information.

I'm looking forward to feedback on my code. Any feedback is good feedback and any
suggestions from those of you more experienced and knowledgable than myself will be
greatly appreciated and helpful towards my continuing education.

Edit - 7-Feb-2009
I came to realise last night that there are a few issues that need to be worked out of the code that creates the database. With that in mind, I will be releasing v1.1 soon that will deal with the following issues:
- Username and password to access SQL Server in order to create guestbook database needs to be inputted by user.
- SQL Server name needs to access local instance of SQL Server, rather than a named instance.

Keep an eye out for v1.1 coming soon!
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