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Outlook 2010 Sample: Extending the User Interface
This project contains a sample Microsoft Outlook 2010 add-in named RibbonXOutlook14AddinCS. The C# sample demonstrates how to customize the ribbons, menus, context menus, and Backstage view in Outlook 2010.

This add-in was developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Microsoft Office. It adds ribbon controls, a custom menu, context menu items, and Backstage view controls, and then displays a message box when the user clicks the control or menu item. The add-in provides a visual element for every entry point in the Outlook 2010 user interface (UI) that you can customize by using Office Fluent UI extensibility.

For more information about this sample, including installation instructions, see the accompanying article, Extending the User Interface in Outlook 2010, in the MSDN Library.
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