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This resource page contains code samples that accompany InfoPath 2010 Training Labs published to the MSDN Library.

Area Sample Summary
SharePoint List Forms IP2010CustomizingSharePointListForms Customize forms for viewing and editing items in a SharePoint list with the InfoPath Designer and then take the forms offline using SharePoint Workspace. Read the Training Lab
Order Form Tables IP2010SortingRepeatingTables Add managed code to sort the table in an InfoPath browser form and then publish it back to SharePoint Server 2010 as a sandboxed solution. Read the Training Lab
Web Part Mashups IP2010CreatingWebMashups Create a simple Web Part mashup on SharePoint Server 2010 with InfoPath 2010 and the InfoPath Form Web Part. Read the Training Lab
REST Web Services IP2010AddingDynamicMapsREST Use the new REST Web service data connection feature in InfoPath 2010 to add a dynamic map to a list form for contacts in SharePoint Server 2010. Read the Training Lab
Web Forms IP2010IntegratingFormsUsingVS2010 Create web pages in Visual Studio 2010 that include links that open Microsoft InfoPath 2010 forms. Read the Training Lab
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