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This sample demonstrates how to get started with the Open XML SDK and also has examples of manipulating Word document formats using Visual Basic's XML literals. It also includes a presentation that you can use at your user groups.

Please see the following resources for demonstrations of the code:

Article: Taking Advantage of LINQ and XML in Microsoft Office 2007
Article: Mail Merging Into a Single Word Document Using XML Literals
Screencast: Showing off the Open XML SDK and LINQ
Screencast: More Fun with Office and XML Literals

More resources & tools:
Open XML Format SDK 2.0
Open XML Resource Center
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Power Tools v1.0.0.0
Word 2007 Content Control Toolkit
VSTO Developer Center
Visual Basic Developer Center

Download the code
Download the presentation (.pptx)

This sample uses the Northwind sample database and the Open XML SDK.

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