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Discussions for Outlook Social Connector Provider Proxy Library
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Feb 24 2013
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First post: cmisztur wrote: First, thanks for the great proxy code! I had a question about GetPeopleDetails. So Outlook calls the method, I return some random Persons with the Index set. Should I be seeing someth...
Latest post: cmisztur wrote: This is interesting, I looked in Outlook and my social network does show up under My Contacts. Perhaps a reboot did it.
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Latest post:
Feb 22 2013
3 Posts
First post: pconno3 wrote: Hi, First off this looks like a great library that will make it much easier to connect a network. I have been struggling to get Outlook to recognize my test network like it does for the T...
Latest post: cmisztur wrote: pconno3... it does work. I have a solution with 2 projects: OSCProvider and MyProvider. OSCProvider is NOT COMVisible. MyProvider is NOT COMVisible. Only the MyProvider.provider clas...
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