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CBS Package Inspector (PackageInspector) is a GUI tool that allows you to open up a Component Based Servicing (CBS) package and view and examine its manifests. This application needs .NET framework 3.5 in order to run.
To view the help file, you would need either Microsoft Word 2007 or higher, Microsoft Word Viewer 2007 or higher or any other program that can open .docx files.

You can install PackageInspector by launching PackageInspectorSetup.msi. This installer does a simple x-copy and adds a few useful shortcuts (on your desktop and the Windows Explorer context menu) for quick use.
If you don't wish to install, you can unzip the file and use PackageInspector.exe directly.

Note: Many of the security updates and QFEs that are shipped by Microsoft are CBS packages. You can use PackageInspector to view their contents in detail.

Key features

  • Explorer context menu (right click) option to open any CBS package (CAB or MSU files) or open all CBS packages in a folder
  • Shows all components of a CBS package.
    • Clicking on each component, it shows you files, registry keys/values, dependencies, SMI Settings and generic commands
  • Shows the package metadata (MUM metadata)
  • Allows you to view the metadata directly (for advanced users)
  • Saves brief info about inspected packages in an xml
  • Allows you to search for items (metadata/components/files/registry keys/registry values/SMI settings/generic commands etc)

Quick Usage

  • Install PackageInspectorSetup.msi
  • Unzip the sample CBS packages from
  • Open the sample CBS packages using PackageInspector.exe
  • Click the 'Inspect' button (or double click the mouse) to inspect the CBS packages


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