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This code sample shows how to create custom extensions for PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with the Enterprise Client Access License. It is a Visual Studio project that contains examples of supported custom objects (filter, report, and tabular data source) and scorecard transforms.

The data source retrieves stock quote values from an external web service and saves the historical data to a cache file. The filter defines the stock symbols that the report can display, and the report shows the values for the stock symbols that are selected in the filter. The scorecard transforms add a column to scorecard views that contain KPIs at the column leaf level, show how many days ago that an annotation was last modified, apply B, M, and K scaling to large numbers, and change the default font and color scheme of the scorecard view.

Downloading the Sample

After you download, build, and install the sample, you can use PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer to create instances of the sample data source, filter, and report objects.

  1. To download the sample, click the Downloads tab and then click the link to the file.
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file.
  4. Navigate to the sample files and double-click the Samples.csproj file to open the project in Visual Studio.

Note: Complete installation and setup instructions are provided in the PerformancePoint Services SDK Reference Sample Readme.docx file, which is included in the file.

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