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Released: ASP.NET ReportViewer samples

Coming Soon: Windows Forms ReportViewer samples

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The samples environment includes working code samples that highlight the features of the ReportViewer controls in Visual Studio and demonstrate how to implement the common scenarios using the ReportViewer controls, such as:
    • Using the ReportViewer in with AJAX controls (screenshots above)
    • Implementing a custom toolbar for the ReportViewer using its JavaScript APIs
    • Customizing the ReportViewer skin
    • Adding data sources for the main report, subreports, and drillthrough reports
    • Loading reports from data streams
    • Security for custom assemblies
    • Using custom credentials
    • Customizing UI strings
Simply download the code project, open it in Visual Studio 2010, and click the Run button (or type the F5 key).
NOTE: Server report samples require that you have access to a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report server that is hosting the AdventureWorks 2008 sample reports. SSRS is available in the freely downloadable SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, and the sample reports are also freely downloadable online. More information on how to set it up can be found in the home page when you run the samples.

For additional sample requests, write to the sample owner under the People tab.

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The following tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a drillthrough report with parameters and a query, using a ReportViewer control.

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