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Can't Get It to Run 

Jul 29 2009 at 11:48 PM
I cannot get it to run. It does the same thing as if I type in gibberish into the CustomTool. (i.e. nothing and doesn't regen the file).

That's my first issue. My second issue that I'm trying to do three things:

1. Change the EntityObject to my own object as the base class. I've overriden OnTypeGenerated but I don't know what eventArgs.TypeSource.BuiltInTypeKind I should be using to filter out everything bout the EntityObjects...
2. I want to add an interface as well that forces a contract on every object. It is requiring a type. is there some way of doing this with just the name of the interface instead of having to have the type?
3. Is there a way to force it to SQL 2005 compatibility automatically? I need it to be good to sql server 2005 because I routinely get DateTime2 issues. I guess i could just override the type of the property but I'm concerned that there are other cases.

Any ideas as to why it won't run? I gaced it and it said it was successful, I ran the regedit and it said itw as successful but no dice with the CustomTool name. When I switch it back, it definately gens the code.


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