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Example code and other resources used by the Silverlight documentation.

Custom ControlTemplate for CheckBox
A custom ControlTemplate that changes the visual structure and visual behavior of a CheckBox.
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Custom ControlTemplate for Button
A custom ControlTemplate that changes the visual structure and visual behavior of a Button.
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Deep Zoom Example
A Deep Zoom example created using Silverlight
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Isolated Storage Example
Describes how to save and retrieve data as key-value pairs or files in isolated storage.

Accessing Web Service Example
Builds a Silverlight-enabled Web service and accesses its methods from a Silverlight client.

Ink Erase Sample
Implements the point erase and stroke erase for ink.

Silverlight Video Player
Video player with all the basic features like progress/seek slider, full screen toggle, play/pause/resume, etc.

Silverlight Multicast Client Example
Implements a simple peer to peer chat application to exchange text messages between
any number of computers within multicast range of each other.
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Silverlight Multicast Policy Server Example
Implements a Multicast Policy Server sample to authorize Silverlight multicast clients.
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Silverlight Text Editor
Implements a Silverlight Text Editor using which you can type and edit rich text, insert images, calendars, and data grids, display text right-to-left, print text, and perform clipboard operations.
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Issue Tracker Sample
Issue Tracker sample is built using some of the new data-centric features of Silverlight 4. The Issue Tracker sample allows you to create new issues, open existing issues, and edit issues in a database. Issue Tracker also demonstrates some of the reporting features in Silverlight.
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