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SL 2 RTW Samples


The following Silverlight Web Services samples are availabe with the SL 2 RTW release:

SOAP Services

  • (Basic) Spell Checker: View it | Download source. Demonstartes how to consume a WCF backend service to build an AJAX-style spell checker.
  • (Basic) Weather Widget: View it | Download source. Demonstrates how to consume a public SOAP service WeatherBug
  • (Advanced) Message Inspectors: View source. This is quite a beast of a sample. At its core is an implementation of IClientMessageInspector for Silverlight, which allows us to get at any raw incoming or outgoing message. That is already possible using untyped messages in your operations, but IClientMessageInspector lets you do that in one central location, instead of in every operation. The sample contains two example use cases: one implements SOAP faults in Silverlight, and the other implements custom SOAP headers in Silverlight.

Duplex Services

  • (Advanced) Duplex Chat: View source. This sample implements the DuplexReceiver class, which provides a clean duplex object model and supports deserialization of incoming messages.

HTTP Services with POX/JSON/Syndication

  • (Basic) Food Finder: View it | Download source. Demonstrates how to use LINQ over JSON to work with JSON from inside managed code.
  • (Basic) Feed Reader: View it | Download source. Demonstrates how to build a syndication feed reader using the SyndicationFeed class and databinding.
  • (Basic) Mashup Sample: View it Download source. Demonstrates how to create mashup applications using various types of Web APIs. The sample demonstrates working with Flickr (using JSON), YouTube (using RSS), Yahoo (using a REST XML service), and Live Search (using SOAP).
  • (Advanced) POX Proxy: coming soon


Source Code Duplex Sample
source code, 34K, uploaded Oct 15 2008  - 1417 downloads
Source Code Message Inspectors
source code, 70K, uploaded Oct 15 2008  - 6444 downloads

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