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SlapShot is a new extension written for Expression Web 4. For those of you who already use the SnapShot panel (a feature that debuted in Expression Web 3), you will feel right at home with SlapShot.

For those of you who haven’t yet used SnapShot (or who need a quick refresher course), SnapShot is a panel in Expression Web that displays an image of the current page as rendered by the selected browser. It allows you to easily change the browser and browser resolution without having to repeatedly preview in an external browser to see your changes.

SlapShot is based on the same premise in that you can easily preview a page without loading a browser, however SlapShot extends the features of SnapShot by including full ActiveX support (Silverlight®, Flash®, and so on), as well as interactivity within the page (including navigation).

See for required Firefox configuration.

New version, supports turning notifications on\off (Version 1.1). (June 21 2010).

New version, supports dirty file preview (un-saved changes on the active page) for FireFox mode (Version 1.1.2). (August 17 2010).

New version, (1.5), serious update: refactored error messaging (and en-masse cleanup of JS). Persistence of browser choice, size and auto refresh choices. Oh, added Windows Phone 7 to the Mix. See the Blog for WP7 instructions\installation.

New version, (1.5.1), small update accomodates for a bug in the RTM emulator where 2nd and additional requests to navigate IE on the emulator will not work. Hopefully they fix the bug soon, in the meantime we'll use the emulators API to the web control (instead of IE). Honors rendering.

New version (2.0), adds Google Chrome:

uninstall Version 1 of SlapShot
install Google Chrome Frame here.
install Version 2
Bugs in Chrome affecting SlapShot:
79097 Sadly this prevents navigation within chrome without taking over the addin UI, I worked around this so if you get the add-in UI becoming invisible just resave your page. Hopefully Google will fix this bug soon. Hovers, basic input all seem good to go.

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