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This page contains the Slide Tweet sample. Slide Tweet is an simple Powerpoint Add-In posting slide titles using custom tags to twitter. The audience is able to discuss slides posted during the talk immediately on twitter.

The Idea

If you are an presenter giving technical audiences presentations using powerpoint, you can use Slide Tweet to enhance the interaction during your session. The audience will be able to follow your presentation on Twitter and make comments, retweet interesting thoughts on slide and so on.

I have not tested this kind of idea so far, I will do this on my next conference talk and see what happens. Therefore, any feedback would be great.

More can be found on my blog:

This image shows a real time search on for the tag #gac09 which I applied with my presentation.

How to start

First, download the release Currently it is just a Visual Studio 2008 Solution and you need Visual Studio Tools for Office installed to compile it. I've also included a bin output, but have not tested this on other machines. When compiled you can use it directly from your powerpoint presentation. Just enter your Twitter account and the tags for your presentation.
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timoelliott wrote  Nov 4 2009 at 12:15 AM  
Here's a tool that allows you to tweet prepared text between [twitter] and [/twitter] in notes pages, available as a PowerPoint plugin:


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