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Code description
A sample demonstrating usage of SharePoint 2010 ECMAScript OM and SharePoint 2010 UI extensions for JavaScript.

Code was presented at SharePoint 2010 Community Launch Poland.
Presentation can be found here.

Included code samples

  • UI
    • Notification
    • Status
    • Dialogs
    • Custom Context Menu
Context Menu
    • Ribbon button
    • Calendar Coloring - thanks to Mark Wilson for idea and base code.
  • ECMAScript OM
    • Get Web Title
    • Set Web Title
    • Create Web Site
    • Delete Web Site
    • Create List - modified version;
    • Show All Lists
    • Create ECB for a list
Custom ECB
    • Delete ECB for a list
    • Some extra modified samples from the web (mostly MSDN)
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