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TeamVision is a simple project task management application built using the Windows Forms classes of the Microsoft® .NET Framework. TeamVision allows authenticated users to view, modify, and add projects and tasks that are shared with other users. It may be used in any number of scenarios, from bug tracking to managing work orders or customer service requests. Its primary purpose is to provide sample source code to developers interested in building data-centric applications using ADO.NET with VB.NET from the .NET Framework.

All offline shared data is stored in a Microsoft Access database. Data from the offline store can be further 'pushed' and 'pulled' through to an online Web Service thereby creating a round trip Smart Client application. This allows developers to create custom applications, each pulling from a single unique data store. Application specific data and configuration settings are stored only on the client side.

The Software Technology Roadmap (STR) for TeamVision includes the implementation of more than 69 software technologies. Smart Client network access, Enterprise Application Block, Mobile Client Application Block, and the Updater Application Block are all apart of the gradual and upcoming release implementions.

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