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Texas Quest is a 2d side scroller, much like Mario World. The orginal author Aaron wrote it for his girlfriend. I rewrote it for the VB.NET DirectX community. Read more and download here and see more screen shots.

Code Sample

There are not alot of examples in on how to use DirectX. Once I found the original article for TexasQuest in CSharp, I just had to convert it over to VB. This guy did a great job and since I wanted to learn DirectX I took on the challenge of porting the code. The purpose for me in this application was to learn DirectX. I can not tell you how many times I have searched the web looking for decent examples on how VB developers like me can implement DirectX into a program. Video games is not one of the main reasons I got into programming but I find that alot of people want to be entertained. So, I say, if the people want cake, give them cake.

With all the files and songs this download could be 50MB or so. So I divided it up. There is an upload limit so I could not include the Songs in this upload. But if anybody were to contact me I would try and find a way to get those over to you.


The following versions of DirectX 9c were used so you will need to have these installed if you don't already have them. You have to add references to the Microsoft.DirectX assemblies that should have been installed with the SDK. For more information about DirectX versions you can go here:


1.0.2902.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.dll
1.0.2902.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.dll
1.0.2902.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.dll
1.0.2911.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX.dll
1.0.2902.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput.dll
1.0.2902.0 - Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound.dll

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